To undergo verification on our website in order to be able to purchase cryptocurrencies by paying for it from bank account cards, you need to fill out the form below (all fields of the form are required). We first suggest that you familiarize yourself in detail with the rules for making exchanges on our website, terms of service (exchanges), rules for conducting AML/KYC verification. After filling out the form below and confirming your agreement with rules for making exchanges on our website, terms of service (exchanges), AML/KYC verification rules, you will need to send a telegram chat (@aztec_gold_verification_bot), 3 identical photos, just with slightly different angles:

- with a passport in hand, open on the front page (or any other document proving your identity);

- with a card or with a phone where the financial application is open and the card number is visible (please cover the CVV codes and card expiration date);

- with a piece of paper on which it is written: Exchange on the site aztec-gold.net, the amount of hryvnia given, the amount of cryptocurrency received, date and signature.

For example: “exchange on aztec-gold.net 1500 UAH for 37.28 TRC20, 02/05/24 signature.”

Upload files to Telegram without the “Compress image” checkbox. Files are expected to be 1 MB in size. The photo must clearly show the document details and card number. If the CVV code of the card is included in the photo, please cover it.

Also send the text: Verification, your full name, card number, phone number, email.

For example:

Verification, Petrov Petrovich, 4441546542216544, 380999999999, [email protected]