Terms of the affiliate program

1. Basic terms:

1.1. Affiliate Link - advertising material that has a special hyperlink format containing the Partner's code;

1.2. Partner's website - a set of html pages, mobile or desktop applications containing useful information;

1.3. Partner - any individual or legal entity that has placed an Affiliate Link on the Partner's Website, which is managed and / or owned by the person to advertise the Service;

1.4. Partner code (ID-code) - a unique code that allows you to identify the Partner among the participants of the Aztec-Gold.net Partner Program;

1.5. Transition to the website of the Aztec-Gold.net service - the transition of the visitor from the partner page to the Aztec-Gold.net website;

1.6. Unique visitor - an Internet user who has made the transition to the website of the Aztec-Gold.net service through an Affiliate link and has a unique identifier (token);

1.7. The referred user is a unique visitor who has made an exchange operation on the website of the Aztec-Gold.net service;

1.8. Administrator of the Aztec-Gold.net Affiliate Program - an employee (representative) of Aztec-Gold.net, coordinating the work of Partners;

1.9. Personal account - an interface for recording the number of visits made by visitors from the Partner's website, the number of attracted users, accruals made, remuneration paid, generation of an affiliate link code, management of remuneration and other functions for the Partner;

1.10. Non-profit exchange - an exchange operation that is unprofitable for the Service or an operation for which the Service does not receive a profit.

2. Subject of the agreement (Description of the affiliate program)

The Partner, by placing Partner Links on the website to advertise the Service, attracts Visitors to the website of the Aztec-Gold.net service, and the Aztec-Gold.net service pays the Partner a remuneration in accordance with the level of the Partner and the terms of this agreement.

3. Partner Registration

3.1. To participate in the affiliate program, the Partner must register on the Aztec-Gold.net website using the “Registration” item on the main menu of the Aztec-Gold.net website. After that, in the user's account in the "Affiliate Program" section, the Partner will be able to receive the Partner's Code (ID-code) and read the instructions for transferring the Partner's Code to fix the transition to the Aztec-Gold.net website.

3.2. When registering, the Partner must provide a direct link to the website where the service will be advertised.

3.3. The Affiliate Code is activated at the moment when the first Unique Visitor goes to the Service website;

3.4. Partner websites are not accepted for participation in the affiliate program:

- that do not represent any value for the user, do not create useful content, copy or rewrite information from other resources;

- under reconstruction or works on which are not completed;

- unmoderated forums, bulletin boards containing a large amount of link spam;

- containing propaganda of drugs, violence or obscene language, as well as information of an illegal nature, including materials that promote incitement of ethnic hatred;

3.5. The Service has the right to refuse to register the Partner for any other reasons, if it considers that the actions of the Partner in advertising the Service will not bring the expected results. The Service has the right to refuse registration to the Partner without explaining the reasons for the refusal.

3.6. Responsibility for the compliance of the Partner's website with the terms of the Aztec-Gold.net Partner Program rests with the Partner. The administrator of the Aztec-Gold.net Affiliate Program has the right to change the Rules at any time and without giving reasons.

Followers 0 250 750 1500 3000
Reward percentage 0.1% 0.15% 0.2% 0.25% 0.3%

5. Partner Reward:

5.1.The Partner's remuneration is determined as a percentage of the total transaction amount for successful exchanges of Involved Users and is reflected in the Personal Account. The higher the level of the Partner, the greater his interest rate and, accordingly, the share of his remuneration;

5.2. The amount of remuneration is calculated automatically in accordance with the terms of the Affiliate Program of the Aztec-Gold.net service;

5.3. The partner is rewarded from all successful transactions.

5.4. The remuneration is not accrued to the Partner in case the user refuses to perform the completed exchange, as well as in the event that the funds are returned to the user for an unexecuted exchange;

5.5. For all newly registered Partners, the referencing page check mode is enabled. This means that only transitions from the Partner's website specified by him when registering in the affiliate program are taken into account. If it is not technically possible to determine the referring page, and also if the referring domain does not match the address of the Partner's website, clicks are not counted and no rewards are accrued. Referring page verification mode cannot be disabled by the partner on his own, to disable it, contact the Aztec-Gold.net Affiliate Program Administrator. Requests from partners about the application of personal settings of the affiliate program are considered on an individual basis. Aztec-Gold.net Affiliate Program Administrator reserves the right to refuse a Partner without explanation.

6.Affiliate links

6.1. When placing Affiliate links, the Affiliate must use only the special HTML code of the Affiliate link, issued by the Aztec-Gold.net service in the Partner's Personal Account, without any changes or additions. Otherwise, the correct operation of the statistics is not guaranteed, claims regarding the accounting of referrals, the accrual of remuneration and the correct operation of the HTML code are not accepted.

6.2. Placing an affiliate link or banner is allowed only in the visible part of the Partner's website, specified by him when registering in the affiliate program. The placement must be only static, with the obligatory presence of the Affiliate link or banner on the main page of the partner's site. The banner or affiliate link must be clearly separated from the site navigation elements.

6.3. Not allowed:

- placement of an affiliate link or banner on pages that do not contain their own semantic information;

- placement of an affiliate link or banner in any type of frames;

- the use of any methods that lead to an automatic transition to an affiliate link or loading pages of the website of the Aztec-Gold.net service, without user interaction;

- use of any methods to artificially increase attendance, including software emulators, attendance services, CAP, Ref-ID systems, etc.

6.4. The content of affiliate links, as well as information provided on the partner's website, should not mislead the visitor regarding the nature of the Aztec-Gold.net service, the list of services provided by the Aztec-Gold.net service, as well as the conditions and cost of providing these services.

6.5. Placing Affiliate Links or banners in any way other than as specified in clause 6.2., including placement in banner networks, any type of dynamic advertising impressions, free message boards or forums, mailing lists, any kind of software, etc., as well as on sites participating in affiliate programs of other similar services, including those forming a rating of similar services (comparison of rates / monitoring of exchange points) can only be carried out subject to prior notification of the Administrator of the Aztec-Gold.net Affiliate Program and obtaining the written consent of the Administrator to this type of accommodation.

7. Payment of remuneration to a partner

7.1. Payment (transfer to the Partner's account in the relevant payment system) of the remuneration accrued to the Partner is made within 24 hours from the moment the Partner submits the application "Withdrawal of accrued remuneration" (in the Personal Account).

7.2. The minimum amount payable is set at 1 CU. (equivalent to One US Dollar). If the amount of accrued remuneration does not exceed the amount equivalent to 1.U., Aztec-Gold.net has the right to withhold payment of remuneration to the Partner until the total amount of accrued remuneration is 1.U.

7.3. The remuneration is paid after verification by the Administrator of the Aztec-Gold.net Affiliate Program.

8. Use of intellectual property

8.1. After registration in the Affiliate Program, the Aztec-Gold.net service provides the Partner with a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable right to use logos, service marks, graphic and text materials belonging to the Aztec-Gold.net service, within and in strict accordance with this Agreement.

8.2. The Parties agree not to use each other's materials and names in any way that may be misleading or damage the business reputation of any of the Parties.

9. Other terms

9.1. The Aztec-Gold.net service assumes all the risks associated with the provision of services to the users referred by the Partner.

9.2. The partner has the right to perform the following actions only after receiving the written consent of the Aztec-Gold.net service:

- issue any press release in connection with this Agreement or participation in the Affiliate Program;

- create, publish, distribute any written or electronic materials related to participation in the Affiliate Program.

10. Termination of the Agreement

10.1. The validity period of the Affiliate Agreement begins from the moment of the Partner's Registration in the Affiliate Program and ends at the moment of termination of this Agreement.

10.2. Any Party has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally, by written notice to the other Parties, at least 10 (ten) calendar days before the expected date of termination of the Agreement.

10.3. The Aztec-Gold.net service has the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement and delete the Partner's Code, without paying the Partner the accumulated remuneration, in the following cases:

10.3.1. The Partner violates any terms of this Affiliate Agreement. The Partner's code will be deleted 30 (thirty) calendar days after blocking access to the Partner's Personal Account, with a prior automatic notification of the Participant 10 (ten) calendar days in advance;

10.3.3. The bulk of Referred Users are not Unique Visitors. In this case, the actions of the Partner are considered useless for the Service. The Service analyzes the uniqueness of visitors using its own algorithms and reserves the right not to explain this work to the Partner;

10.3.4. If the Code issued to the Partner is not activated within 5 (five) working days from the date of registration;

10.3.5. During the last 30 (thirty) calendar days, the accounting and statistics system does not record transitions from the Partner's website. The Affiliate will receive 10 days prior automatic notice prior to such removal from the Program.

10.4. In the event that this Agreement is terminated for any other reason, Aztec-Gold.net will be obliged to pay the Member the accumulated remuneration in accordance with the Affiliate Agreement.

10.5. In case of termination of the Agreement, both Parties are obliged, within 5 days from the date of termination of the Agreement, to remove all links to each other and stop using the names, logos, service marks, etc. of the other Party.

11. Changing the terms of the Agreement

11.1. The Aztec-Gold.net service has the right to change the terms of this Agreement, at any time, by publishing the text of the amendments to the paragraph or the new Agreement on the website of the Aztec-Gold.net service.

11.2. Amendments to the Agreement cannot apply to the amount of accrued rewards of the Partner.

11.3. If changes to the Agreement for the Partner are unacceptable, the Partner undertakes to notify the Aztec-Gold.net service within 3 (three) business days from the date of publication of the changes. Continued participation in the Affiliate Program confirms the acceptance by the Affiliate of the amendments to the Agreement.

12. Dispute Resolution

12.1. In case of disagreement, the parties will seek to resolve the disagreements that have arisen through negotiations. If the parties do not come to an agreement, then the dispute is subject to consideration in court at the place of registration of the managing legal entity of the Partner.

12.2. In case of disputes related to the counting of transitions, the parties use the information about visiting the website of the Aztec-Gold.net service, data generated by the Google Analytics service

13. Conclusion of the Agreement

13.1. The Affiliate's consent to join the Affiliate Program means the Affiliate's acceptance of all the terms of this Agreement.