To make an exchange transaction on our website, you need to follow the rules below:

1. Select the direction of exchange by selecting the appropriate names in the drop-down lists under the inscriptions: "Give" and "Receive".

2. Enter the number of title units (currencies) that you want to receive or give, respectively, in the fields under the inscriptions: "I give" and "I receive". The exchange rate will be calculated automatically. At the same time, pay attention to the limits (lower and upper) of the amounts for the exchange.

3. Enter in the field "Name" your name or other address to you.

4. In the "Telegram" field, enter the username of the "Telegram" messenger (note that it does not necessarily match your name in the messenger and must begin with the "@" symbol) or a phone number in the format +380ххххххххх. Please note that if you enter a phone number in the "Telegram" field in the privacy settings of the messenger, it must be set that your phone number is open to all users, otherwise we will not be able to contact you in case of force majeure.

5. In the "E-mail address" field, specify only the address to which you have access, and you can go to it. All information about the application will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the application (please note that some incoming letters may be sent to the SPAM folder by your mail service)

6. If the appropriate fields are displayed, enter the details of your cryptocurrency wallet or bank card. Please note that if the specified details are incorrectly indicated, they can only be changed as a last resort. At the same time, the administration of the service is not responsible for the execution of the application and the transfer of funds to incorrect details, as detailed in the Terms of Service of the site.

7. Be sure to read the terms of the agreement, then check the box, according to your agreement with the terms and these Rules.

8. Once again, carefully check all the data you entered, in the future it is possible to change them only in exceptional cases.

9. Next, click "Exchange", after which, if all the correct details you entered, you will see an application window with our details for the transfer. If the information is entered incorrectly in the fields with contact information, and we could not send you a message, the corresponding window will be displayed. In this case, check the specified data and try again to click the "Exchange" button.

10. The application is formed at the current rate.

11. After, when you press the “Exchange” button, a window pops up with all the details for paying for the application, and all information is sent to the email address you specified when placing the application (the message will contain all the details of the application).

12. To confirm the application and carry out the exchange, you need to pay for the application within 30 minutes by sending the payment in the amount specified by you in the application.

13. If the application has not been paid within 30 minutes from the moment of its creation, then the service reserves the right to cancel the application or transfer it at the current rate set on the service at the time of entry of funds.

14. After confirming the application:

- when making transactions with the title units of banking systems or cryptocurrency, all transfer operations are carried out remotely (online) within 30 minutes, in the following order: 1) the User transfers funds to the details of the Service specified by the service when placing an application; 2) The Service checks the receipt of funds and, upon receipt, transfers the agreed number of title units to the User's account.

- when carrying out a transaction in which one of the directions of exchange is cash, all transactions are carried out within 24 hours from the moment of payment. Aztec-Gold allows you to quickly and safely exchange USDT for fiat funds: hryvnias, euros, US dollars, from anywhere in the world. In many cities and countries, it is possible to withdraw cash by specifying the city for exchange when creating an application. It is also possible to deliver funds to any major city with an airport. Discussed individually.

After creating an application, you must write to the manager of "Telegram" or in the online chat on the site, this operation is carried out in a pre-arranged place.

The Service Manager agrees with the client on the place and time of the meeting with the courier service, the conditions of the courier's departure are discussed in advance with the operator.

At the agreed time, in the agreed place, the User meets with the Courier Service of the Service and a direct exchange is carried out.

The rate is generated from sources (trading pair; coin/USDT).

Permissible deviation from exchange rate sources up to 5% depending on the exchange region.

15. In case of non-performance or untimely performance by the user of the actions specified in paragraph 14 of the Rules, the User's application in terms of the exchange rate is considered canceled, and can be executed at the rate in force at the time of execution of such an application.

16. Taking into account the provisions of clause 14 of the current rules, we draw your attention to the fact that the Terms of Service provided by the Service provide that “if the User provides erroneous data in the information about the details of the sender or recipient of funds, the Service does not bear no liability for any adverse consequences or damages resulting from this error. In this connection, according to Section 4 of the Terms, the User is obliged to check the correctness of the details before clicking the "Exchange" button, that is, accepting the transaction.

17. We also want to emphasize that the random creation of applications (more than 5 applications in a row) that were not paid by the client will be regarded as fraudulent actions, which entails restriction of access to the site

18. The schedule of the service is posted on the "Contacts" page. If there is no network operator, requests for exchanges will be processed on the next business day.

If you did not find the answer to your question in this article, then contact the online help of our website and our consultants will definitely help you and answer your questions!!!